The Social Media Revolution

For this entry I’d like to investigate the avenue of social media as an S&C coach. This is an area I thought about for some time prior to dabbling in the cyber world and the opportunity of throwing myself out there.

Being stuck somewhere in-between Gen X/Y, I often find myself questioning what has gone on in the past, whilst also celebrating it. Frequently using traditional exercise prescriptive options that in my belief will always stand the test of time, whilst exploring newer alternatives. The new breed of S&C coaches might think I’m slightly old school, whilst in comparison to others in the professional scene I may still have ‘a bit to go.’

One thing is for certain regardless of where I may be perceived as an S&C coach, I always continue to never stay dormant!

This leads me to the topic of social media (more recently instagram) and it’s use as an S&C coach. It’s almost a world of it’s own. Those claiming to have trained this person or that, with some pretty crazy exercises they continue to be more than capable of demonstrating themselves…. Not to mention the thousands of followers they have! So they must be legit right?

Firstly I’ll start with my original hesitations. I’ve always been a believer in letting your work ‘speak for itself.’ The more experience I’ve gained along the way I’ve realised that varying personality types often flourish or become limited in their progress within what is often a very extroverted industry. So, my original thoughts were it’s not about me; it’s about the athletes I train. So why do I need to put myself ‘out there.’ I didn’t believe in ‘blowing my own trumpet’, or trying to ‘prove myself.’ So I often observed from afar the random image/footage that came into my feed for whatever reason, and formed my own opinion.

Secondly I’ll go into why I decided to delve into cyber world and get amongst it, which I can honestly say has been a really positive experience and one I don’t regret one bit. I’m a believer in challenging yourself out of your comfort zone. By throwing yourself out there it forces you to stand by your training philosophy and rationale for doing so. As mentioned previously everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and if you have one, then back yourself and throw it out there. You’re always going to have the naysayers! But what I didn’t expect was the contacts I have made from getting involved, and the people within the industry I have bumped into who have complimented me on what I’m doing. The beauty of this is it also reflects your style as an S&C coach and how you continue to progress. Whilst I only ever seek my own approval in what I choose to do as an S&C coach (and some select mentors along the way) it’s always positive to hear from others you respect in the industry complimenting what you do. The positive to this is it establishes relationships, and builds on awareness of not only yourself but also others in the industry too! A win-win!

Not to mention pushing yourself to think outside the box on occasions and how you can get your message across to the athletes (part of this generation) on their level. I’ve also really enjoyed celebrating other performance coaches triumphs along the way!!!

So if you’re still sitting on the fence, throw yourself out there, adapt with the times, you may meet/establish contacts with some great people along the way!

#Progress 😉


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