Athlete Opportunities

How does this work for The Performance Team athletes?

Option A (Coaching)

Session by session coaching of a one on one nature (larger group options available upon request). These sessions will be designed utilising a periodized approach in conjunction with the athletes goals/competition calendar best suited by the allocated coach. Such sessions may include strength/weight room, conditioning, recovery, rehabilitation, or speed and agility work to name a few. Booking allocation is at 1 hr intervals, and is dependant on coach availability.

Option B (Coaching)

Multiple sessions can include 2-5 sessions p/week. These sessions continue to be of a one on one nature, and will involve varying fitness parameters of best fit in conjunction with the athletes periodized weekly training matrix. These sessions are a great way to economise costs and receive multiple sessions at a reduced rate.

Option C (Management)

Weekly program prescription that involves the coach designing session by session specific programs targeting various fitness parameters. This option promotes independence of the athlete to be responsible for their own training/progress under the guidance of our coaching staff. The athletes coordinate facility available times for use and complete their own training throughout their training week. This option is great value as it allows use of the facility, and encourages athlete accountability.

*Prices are dependant on each individual athletes circumstances, please contact us for further information.


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