The Performance Team is based out of the prestigious GPS schooling framework in that of Newington College. In 2015 a collaboration with Ironedge took place to develop the best high-school facility within Australia. This meant versatile equipment, a layout covering a broad spectrum of athletes/sports, whilst catering for those from developmental years to elite/professional athletes. Ironedge ensured quality, functional equipment, built to last, not only with younger athletes but higher intensity elite level too, able to withstand the ultimate punishment.

This is strictly an appointment only facility! It is one of the very few performance facilities capable of covering everything an athlete needs. Open to commercial use for athletes in The Performance Team facilities include:

– Fully functional performance gym with lifting platforms, racks, various bars/assistive equipment (kettle bells, ropes, sleds etc.), dual cable, 6ft boxing bags, and other cardio equipment (bikes, ski-erg, concept 2 ergometers).

20150416-143749   20150416-141546 20150416-135902 20150416-14203520150416-133652  20150416-141233


– 3 x Indoor basketball courts

20150415-141945  20150416-152617

– Outdoor synthetic grass (size of 2 basketball courts)

20150415-133629 20150416-124629

– 3 x Ovals, including 1 x 100m rubber sprint track

20150413-155132  20150415-145153

– 25m Pool, with shallow recovery/rehabilitative area

20150423-133309  20150423-140449

– 6 x Tennis courts

20150415-115139 20150415-120503



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