Meet The Team

Yolanda Schmidt (Muay-Thai)


Yolanda was given the opportunity by her technical head trainer (Andrew Parnham- PTJ Muay Thai) to join The Performance Team, to add further dimension to her already ruthless fighting style. Yolanda possesses the strength/power women in the fight scene only dream of! Yolanda is presently learning the fundamentals outside of her technical work in particular leading into her bouts. Strength and power are key objectives to compliment her fighting style and this will continue to develop the more experience she has in working concurrently throughout the fighting season. Given Yolanda’s rapidly growing reputation of power in the Australian Muay Thai scene, one can only think of where she will be in the year or 2 to come!

Claudia Frykberg (Swimming)


At just 16yrs of age Claudia is producing some impressive results both in the water and her dry-land training. Based out of Sydney Australia, Claudia has been ranked in the top 10 nationally over the past 3 yrs in the 200m breaststroke. She is also ranked in the top 10 for the 400m individual medley, and recently has accomplished a top 25 national short-course ranking across 6 different events 100, 200m breaststroke, 400, 800m Freestyle, and 200, 400m individual medley. Claudia has attended several age/open, state and national swim meets. Most recently (Jan 16) Claudia was chosen to represent NSW at the Pacific School Games. Whilst swimming is her preferred sport, Claudia also exhibits talent in cross-country having achieved a top 10 placing at numerous NSW all school events. With her dry-land training taking new heights, Claudia is set for big things in 2016.

Scott Wilson (Muay Thai)


Scott ‘The Baron’ Wilson joined the team is 2013-2015 to further add to his arsenal in Muay Thai. Scott has spent a couple of off-seasons of the fight calendar preparing his body for the gruelling fight schedule combat sport athletes have. Along the way Scott has continued to build a robust framework that compliments his strong fighting style. A couple of hurdles have arisen along the way such as a spinal operation that he continued to put the work in and rehabilitate, all of which have contributed to his positive/strong mental attitude. Scott continues to work under our guidance at times in the lead up to bouts, and is developing a fierce reputation in Muay Thai along the way.

Devante Clut (Football-Brisbane Roar)


Devante had a very active off-season in The Performance Team. Coming off a big 2014-15 season with the Brisbane Roar Devante was seeking to target areas of his physical development often neglected during the gruelling football season. Devante has a relentless work ethic and needed the correct guidance to not only push him beyond his limits, but also do so in a planned fashion that would positively transfer into his football abilities at commencement of the 2016 season. Devante continues to stay in contact for his gym based programming, and injury prevention strategies.

Kevin Ly (Football- Western Sydney Wanderers)


Kevin spent a brief stint in The Performance Team whilst in the transition between clubs, since returning to the Australian Football scene. Kevin was fresh from a 3 yr stint with Burnley Football Club which in his words ‘was an invaluable life experience’ for him. Now hungry for success in the country Kevy calls home.

Abbie Myers (Tennis)


Abbie joined the team in January 2013-2015 shortly after the Australian Institute of Sport. Seeking guidance in her rehabilitation process following a meniscal injury, combined with the desire to have an annual periodized plan in conjunction with her on-court coaching. Abbie has continued to climb successfully throughout the WTA rankings. Since joining in 2013 Abbie has climbed from 845 to 530 in the players singles rankings. Abbie’s youthful desire to succeed ensures she continues to learn at every opportunity and even more so each trip internationally on the women’s tennis circuit.

Sonja Balic (Tennis)


Monique Adamczak (Tennis)


Monique joined the team in 2013 to partake in a gruelling off-season schedule to prepare her for the 2014 Australian Open, and the summer on the WTA tour. Successfully completing a positive summer season Monique was frequently consulted for whilst travelling internationally on the WTA circuit. When returning home, Monique would complete training blocks to prepare her for further international competition and keep her body in check throughout. Achieving a career high-ranking singles ranking of 167 (2007) and currently sitting at 331 (2014), Monique’s experience combined with relentless work ethic has shown why she is a formidable force on the women’s tennis scene in Australian Tennis.

Adam Taylor (Muay Thai)


You’ll never meet a nicer bloke than this guy! Don’t be fooled though, he’s a solid trainer and his attention to detail is even greater. After a frustrating ACL injury, Adam joined the team in 2013 to not only rehabilitate his injury, but to add further dimension to his fighting style and the specificity of it. Successfully returning to his training Adam has travelled around the world training out of different camps, contributing to his character with experiences such as a cuban boxing camp.






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