Our philosophy is simple, effective, and a no-nonsense approach to helping athletes build a supportive framework from the ground up.  This ensures career longevity with minimal structural/muscular imbalances, movement limitations, encouraging each athlete to perform at an optimal level with a reduced likelihood of injury.

For this to occur there is no quick fix, fast-track, one methodology fits all! We adopt a holistic approach utilising a variety of different training techniques/methods, that are very circumstantial to each individuals needs.

Developed through years of hands on practical coaching experience over an array of sports, we have developed the following framework to ensure each athlete within The Performance Team is achieving not only BIG things, but more importantly their goals along the way!

Needs Analysis

No one sport is ever the same! Whilst many have similar characteristics; movement patterns, objectives, player position, equipment/tools, physiological demands/priorities, are all unique to each sport. We believe each athlete should be treated that way in order for them to achieve their personal best. An athletes sport and their individual role within it is pivotal to their program structure, training schedule, and success. Our belief prioritises each athlete to create the program of best fit for the individual, as opposed to best program for a specific sport. In other words how do you as an athlete fit within your sport, to help you perform at an optimal level.


If you don’t know where you’ve started from how do you determine your success? Testing and assessment is crucial, and must be performed on a regular basis. The Performance Team athletes go through a thorough initial screening process that identifies key target areas. We then commence building the foundations and continually manipulate our programming along the way to ensure every athlete is given equal opportunity for success. In many instances priority areas will be reassessed more frequently than others to ensure as an athlete you are hitting benchmarks, and targeting the necessary fitness parameter desired. Progress is monitored, tracked, and made a priority within each program/session completed.

Program Design

We believe training is a process, and if done correctly demonstrates progress, thus producing success! Program structure, and design are essential for any athletes success. If you’re not training with specific guidelines, clear objectives, and desired outcomes you’re simply training for the sake of training. Every member of The Performance Team is provided with clear objectives for each session, and are held accountable/monitored accordingly. Whether training frequently in a one on one session or consulting internationally, each athlete is held accountable, and communicated with to ensure success occurs.


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