Strength training across majority of sports plays a pivotal role to your success. Depending on your goals and wants/needs (sometimes these can be 2 different things), we will design each session accordingly. Whether hypertrophy, strength, power, or endurance are the requirements of your sport and your stage of training in it we will provide the targets for your body to respond/adapt in the best way it can. Types of technology that may be included in your strength training sessions is that of the Gym Aware linear position transducer used by several of the top sporting teams/institutions in the country. This gives instant feedback to athletes including data such as watts p/kg, average/max velocity p/repetition, average/peak watts p/repetition, and is a great tool for quantifying each lift or alternatively bar path in learning new techniques. Check it out here: 


Often overlooked in many sports this element is crucial. It’s more than simply going for a road run, or jogging laps around the block! Whether it is repeat sprint ability you’re after, inter-round recovery, lactate resilience, anaerobic power, or simply increasing your aerobic capacity we will target each session dependant on the needs of the athlete and their sporting requirements. Where possible we try to utilise technology that provides feedback to target specific intensities/energy systems. Quite often technology can become confusing and overwhelming losing focus on what each session is actually about. We keep it simple and visual for The Performance Team athletes utilising such tools as the polar team app as seen below: 


In many instances the transition from physiotherapist treatment to playing is a very grey area. The Performance Team athletes have that gap filled. In this instance we work in collaboration with different treating practitioners to encourage performance based training within your working capacity. Adopting a holistic approach we not only target the injury site and mechanisms for it, but compliment the rehabilitation process by replicating sport specific scenarios/activities when ready. This ensures a smoother return to play, greater likelihood of strength/fitness maintenance and the ideal outcome of a positive transfer in each athletes sporting arena.

Customised Programming

It’s not uncommon for athletes to travel or be away for extensive periods of time. The greater success you accomplish in your sport, the greater likelihood this is a reality! The Performance Team athletes are often frequent travellers and are not only educated with performance enhancing strategies to cope with their ever-changing environments but are also provided with various programs along the way. Whether seeking to continue your training on the road, your circumstances are better suited to home based training, or are simply being consulted with internationally your programming is a priority and will be tailored to your specific needs. This is not simply an online programming scheme! 

Sport Consulting

Often athletes find themselves in positions where they may not be progressing in their sport at the rate they desire, have become stale, are looking for new ideas/ways to enhance their performance, or from a parental perspective in youth athletes often seek guidance in a development pathway for their child. This is certainly an option and through a consultation process after reviewing each on a case by case basis, clear guidelines are developed and provided accordingly.


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